1. Is there internet in Pictou?

Yes; 1GB Fiber Bell and Eastlink offer their service’s in the area.

The County has start their rural internet project with offers both fibreop and satellite internet. Pictou also have other internet providers such as Shaw, Seaside, etc. A few people in the area are on Starlink (Elon Musk’s satellite internet). ruralnet.munpict.ca

2. Is this a local builder?

The builder is a local contractor. The developers will have support from some other companies from HRM and other areas in Nova Scotia for part of the project for specific tasks and potentially to piggy back the construction when it ramps up a bit more.

3. Does the home buyer pay GST and are there rebate programs?


4. Is there an Option for a Land Bank?

Option to the land bank is only available for phase 1 for a total of 54 lots. Call or email for additional information.

5. Is a “Land Bank Option purchaser” able to convert a land bank option, to a “lot purchase”?

“Yes”, there would be a credit towards the land purchase, due to the land bank option. The stipulation is if you purchase a lot this needs to include the construction and ownership of a spec home as per the website.